Vacuum Note Counter Machine high speed bundle note counter spindle money counter

Easy Operation;
Power consumption :400Watt
Good quality Vacuum Pump;
Count the banded or un-banded notes;
Newly designed Notes-hold Pole(one holes, three holes, seven holes);
LED Display: Batch display,3 digits; ADD display, 5 digits; 360̊Rotatable(Optional Larger Display).
Be able to count different types of Bills and Banknotes.(New, old, soft, plastic banknotes)
Automatic/Manual starting modes;
High speed, low noise.
Stamping function( optional)

High Speed Vacuum Note Counting Machine VC600R

Bundle Note Counter Machine Heavy-duty

*Easy Operation;
*Power consumption :400Watt
*Good quality Vacuum Pump;
*Count the banded or un-banded notes;
*Newly designed Notes-hold Pole(one holes, three holes, seven holes);
*LED Display: Batch display,3 digits; ADD display, 5 digits; 360̊Rotatable(Optional Larger Display).
*Be able to count different types of Bills and Banknotes.(New, old, soft, plastic banknotes)
*Automatic/Manual starting modes;
*High speed, low noise.
*Stamping function( optional)





Counting system:Vacuum
Counting speed:100 bills/4s/3.5s/3s/2.5s
Working noise:Less than 60dB
Acceptable note size:L(100-200MM) W(45-200MM) D(0.07-0.12MM)
Holder capacity:200 sheets
Power supply:AC 220V/50Hz ; 110V/60Hz
Counting display:5 digits
Batch display:3 digits
Main modes:Alarm/Counting/Preset/Acc modes
Dimension:350(W)*305(D)*785(H) mm
Net weight:33.5KG
Gross weight:37KG/unit, including the carton box
Box size:425*380*860mm


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